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We will use our expert knowledge of radon gas behavior and engineering to  test for radon in your home and comprehensively implement an effective mitigation system if necessary.

Radon Mitigation   ———

If your home has a high concentration of radon gas (over 4 pCi/L), the EPA and surgeon general recommend that a radon mitigation system be implemented as soon as possible to reduce the health risk associated to radon exposure. Mitigating your home can not only reduce the health risks to your family, but it can also help reduce soil moisture and mold penetration into your home.

Contact High Country Radon Solutions to ensure you will receive the highest quality mitigation system for the fraction of the price of our competitors. As a local company, we can provide a quote and install the system expediently, and we will design the system to be custom built for the high country environment (snow, ice, arid air, etc.) . Our systems are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Finally, we guarantee that our installed system will reduce the radon concentration in your home to a safe level. If initial installation fails to reduce radon acceptably, we will return and improve the system free of charge.

Tylor Freed – Owner

Like many of us, I fell in love with the character of its landscape and the personality of its community. I deeply understand the health risks associated to radon gas, and I hold the skills that are necessary to effectively remove radon from the homes in our mountain community. I will work vigorously so that others will feel safe in their home and their community.

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